Here at Home Bass, we know that we would be nowhere without our team, our artists, and most importantly, you guys. So… we created the Home Bass Household to serve as an exclusive community where we can network with our audience and grow our ideas. We want you to be involved in our creative process and help us throw even wilder parties!

WHAT YOU’LL DO: Fill out some surveys, assist with content creation, and participate in virtual meet-ups.. maybe a few assignments! Lots of brainstorming sessions. This is a 60 day minimum commitment, and the more tasks you complete, the more stuff you win!

WHAT YOU’LL GET: Merch and freebies, concert tickets, private artist interactions, industry guest speakers and more! We’ll also keep you informed of what we did with your advice, that way you can understand the difference you’re making in real time.

Want in? Apply with the form below!

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